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2020 Extender


UVA Furem Winery - 2020 Extender

The Story:

Air-to-air refueling (AAR) is pretty much taken for granted as a part of everyday operations, but its impact on today’s modern flight is incalculable. Without it, many of the recent ‘air wars’ that have taken place could have been catastrophic. Fueling the fight has been the McDonnell Douglas KC-10 aerial refueling tanker aircraft, AKA Extender OR Big Sexy. Transporting more than 356k pounds of fuel, 170k pounds of cargo and up to 75 pax, Fuel is transferred at rate of 1,100 gallons per minute. Sitting in the rear of the aircraft, The KC-10’s boom operator controls refueling operations through a digital, fly-by wire system. The long-upheld Air Force axiom states that ‘Nobody Kicks A$$ Without Tanker Gas‘ (NKAWTG).

Vintage 2020
Wine Style Red Wine
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Size 750 ml
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$50.00 per Bottle
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$600.00 per Case
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